The Rotary Club of Ogunquit had an amazing, collaborative, fun, and inspiring day – all packed into Feb 11.
The day started with a dedicated group of Rotarians (pictured in blue aprons) decorating the Wells/Ogunquit Senior Center for Valentine’s Day. The Rotarians then served hot meals to 80+ seniors who loved the meal, which was donated by local restaurant The Front Porch. Each attendee was given a homemade delicious cupcake (pictured) baked by OGT Rotary Treasurer Erin Haye. Brenda Cressey crafted a beautiful quilt (pictured) which was raffled off as a door prize.
After this wonderful community lunch event, Rotarians headed over to a local restaurant, Crew, that hosted the 2nd Annual Après Ski event, with a portion of revenue going to the club. Pictured is Erin Haye, with friends, doing a ski shot that got the crowd cheering! Rotarians in blue aprons from back to front and left to right are: Larry Carlson, Russ Osgood, Matt Buttrick, Joe Boyle, Rick Haye, Luke Buttrick, Rick Barber, Pete Woodbury, Melanie Tromblee, Erin Haye, Tracy Smith, and Susan DeQuattro.