Ogunquit Rotary and Ogunquit Memorial Library honored Dr. Joe Boyle for his speaker-books program.
Several years ago, Dr. Joe Boyle started our club’s “speaker-book” program. Each person who visits Ogunquit Rotary as a speaker is recognized with a book donated in their name to Ogunquit Memorial Library.  Not everyone knows that Joe, himself, generously donates the money for the purchase of those books.
Last May, a group of Ogunquit Rotarians decided to honor Dr. Joe for his efforts and donations of funds in support of the “speaker books” program he initiated. Gail Bergeron, Carol Brennan, Larry Carlson, Connie Griffin, Erin Haye, Richard Littlefield, Heath Ouellette and Ed Seppa together donated $220 to the library. The library purchased twelve books as part of its “replace the classics” program.
The titles chosen by the library staff are Fahrenheit 451, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Doctor Zhivago, Candide, Sons and Lovers, Père Goriot, To the Lighthouse, Things Fall Apart, Invisible Man, Pitcairn’s Island and The Moonstone.
Six of the books bear a bookplate honoring Joe; the bookplates in the other six honor Joe’s late sister, Mildred Boyle Perkins. Joe was very close to Mildred, and he was deeply saddened by her passing this year.
Thank you, Joe!